Holistic Therapies for Mind Body and Spirit




An Introduction to  Spiritual Development

This is the perfect place to begin your amazing journey into learning who you truly are. It will create a foundation that you will use to assist you on this path of discovery.

$44 Aud 

An Introduction to Spiritual Development was created to assist you as you embark on a new journey into all things mystical. Whether you are feeling drawn to Cards, Crystals, Meditation, Healing or creating a stronger psychic connection, you will find what you need here to learn some basic foundational practices that ensure you are working safely and effectively.

Accessed via your PC or Laptop (Will not work on a Phone) you will receive files consisting of a PDF with written content and both Audio and Video Files. This Introductory course works well in tandem with my E-Book 'Awakening to your Intuitive Abilities' which will be available from August 2022. 

You will have unlimited access to these files so you are able to relisten to all the videos and audio as often as you like. 

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