A Course in Spiritual Development

This is a time of change and growth for many and it can be helpful to have some guidance as we navigate through the process of healing and learning about spiritual modalities and most of all, ourselves. A Spiritual awakening provides the opportunity to do the work, to enter inward and to face all sides of ourselves. The more we meditate, raise our frequency and heal, the closer we get to finding out what we are truly passionate about and how we can make a difference.  Working with our intuition helps us to tap into our spiritual selves and to live in a more balanced way through loving ourselves and trusting ourselves and the Universe.

This is a short course to get you started in the best possible way. It is really important to start your practice off in a grounded and practical way to create a solid foundation that will see you through all areas of your learning and growth. This course is provided in PDF format along with audio and video files.

Cost is $ 44.00 Aud

(Will need laptop or PC to access course)