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Narelle Monteleone Reiki Teacher, Holistic Counsellor, Channel, Blogger

As a Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Channel I provide the guidance, activation & space for you to awaken, heal & transform.


As we awaken we begin a journey back to self - a journey of re-membering that we are truly more than our physical selves. We are multi-dimensional and as such are limitless in what we are able to create. This is an exciting time as we are changing on many levels and may be tapping into our natural intuitive abilities. We are all psychic and just like any muscle, the more we work on it, the stronger it becomes. It is beneficial to have a foundational practice during this time to set us up with healthy practices going forward. Meditation and Grounding are key components of Spiritual Development and practices that we should all incorporate into the everyday. If you would like to learn more about these foundational practices I invite you to access An Introduction to Spiritual Development . Click to gain access below.

Through my workshops, writings and courses it is my wish that you gain access to more of who you are as each aspect unlocks at precisely the right moment. Sending you love and blessings on your journey. 


An Introduction to Spiritual Development

$44 Aud