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We are each on our own unique journey of growth and transformation. As a Holistic Counsellor, Healer, Teacher & Channel I intuitively guide you toward living a more balanced, harmonious life. We all have everything we need to create what we desire, and as we come into a space of openness, trust and alignment in Mind Body & Spirit, we are able to gain the clarity and direction we are searching for. When we make the decision to commit to our wellbeing, the healing process begins. Everything is energy so simply setting an intention shifts us in a new direction. When we become attuned to working with energy through Reiki or Seichim and practices such as Meditation and Yoga, we become more aware of how to maintain our energy, to clear and balance it, as well as doing the same for others and this is very beneficial to living a more intuitive life. I provide Healing Sessions, Usui Reiki Attunements, Channeling and Light Language and Cacao Cermonies aswell as products to assist you on your journey through awakening and beyond.

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As we awaken we are naturally drawn toward new experiences and to heal what we have been carrying with us based on past experiences. Through this process we gain access to more of our innate abilities which we have mastered over many lifetimes. Everyone has healing to do on some level and part of this requires forgiveness, particularly of ourselves, but also of others. Holding onto negative emotions isn't healthy and will ultimately prevent you moving forward. As we forgive, we become free of what has kept us stuck, and the more we work on healing ourselves, working with energy, meditating and opening our hearts, we are able to access more of the truth of who we are, what we are truly passionate about and what we wish to create. I know it can be difficult to move through situations that are overwhelming, but you will, and as a result you will gain the wisdom to help others and to transform. Nothing happens by chance. When you become still, detach from the distractions that have led you away from accessing your innate abilities, you will start to notice the synchronicities, the repeating numbers, the signs, and symbols. There is meaning in everything. By accessing Holistic Therapies and products you will more easily navigate your journey while maintaining the mind body spirit connection. 



It was my first time to be involved in a Cacao Ceremony and I found it very uplifting and calming.  Narelle played beautiful music during the ceremony and her singing bowls throughout were so enchanting. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience which included some dancing and would love to do it again ! 

I met Narelle a few years ago and she has greatly assisted me in beginning my spiritual journey. She is an amazing teacher and I am so blessed to have found her ( I know I was meant to coincidence !  ) . I have attended her meditation classes and have also completed her Reiki one and two courses.

 Narelle is very informative and has a very genuine nature which makes me feel at ease. She has a lovely soul and I will continue my spiritual journey with Narelle by my side, she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Thanks Narelle , you’re a treasure ! 

~ Belinda - 2022

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I have gained certification in Reiki levels 1 and 2 with Narelle and can attest to her professionalism, presentation, format and content of training whilst creating a safe and loving space to learn in. I have also attended several of her guided meditations which were beautiful, all different and relaxing. At the end of the sessions I felt at peace, grounded and calm. Narelle has a natural healing ability and I look forward to taking part in more sessions.

~ Nicoletta Volonte - 2021

I would highly recommend Narelle’s services.
I have attended her meditation and intuitive classes over the years and have learnt so much from her.
I have also been lucky enough to experience several reiki sessions with Narelle and have walked away feeling grounded, balanced and calm.
Her gentle approach along with her deep knowledge and commitment are highly commendable.

~ Nikki Stiskin - 2021

I can’t recommend Narelle enough. I did my Level 1 Reiki through her. She is such a great teacher. She was so supportive through the whole process and even after. I’ve also done meditation and spiritual development through Narelle. She is extremely knowledgeable and easy to follow. I look forward to more Spiritual Development classes with her.

Thankyou Narelle!

 ~ Bella Owen - 2020

I had a Beyond Quantum Healing session with Narelle and the message and healing that I got out of the session is invaluable. Narelle is a natural healer, she is very in tune with what the clients feel and need, and each session with her is very unique. She knows when to give them space, when to ask the right questions to gently trigger the answers that are most beneficial for the clients. The light language healing during the session is something very unique that Narelle brought in with her too. I highly recommend Narelle to anyone who is seeking guidance and healing through Beyond Quantum Healing.

~ Phuong Ngo - 2021

Narelle has lovely products that all come beautifully boxed and safely secured.


Kirsty Clark - 2020

I had never done a cacao ceremony before, so I was a little unsure what to expect. 

I liked that prior to the ceremony Narelle provided us with information and went through the structure with us so we knew exactly what to expect. 

I liked the personal touches that Narelle added, like the meditation, bay leaf burning and oracle readings.

 I look forward to doing more classes with Narelle min the future. 

~ Bianca  - 2022

I did a private Reiki level 1 Attunement with Narelle and I must admit I was very impressed. Narelle is calm, welcoming and very knowledgeable about Reiki and many other subjects, she’s patient and answered all of my questions, plus the whole day was an extraordinary experience. I can’t recommend Narelle enough and looking forward to doing more spiritual learnings with her.

~ Zara Dezfuli - 2021

I don’t normally leave reviews but just wanted to give Narelle a shout out. I recently had a channelling session with her and found it to be so informative. The session gave me clarity and focus. I would highly recommend Narelle to anyone searching for a deeper understanding of themselves.

~ Yvette Rafter - 2021

I attended your Cacao Ceremony and found it to help immensely as it is something I have never done before.  After making the special tea then settling into the ceremony after sipping the tea was great.  The ringing of the different bowls, music and dancing during the ceremony was very uplifting. Writing a message on a bay leaf and then burning was also something I have never experienced before.  I found you, Narelle, to be a wonderful guide through the many different plateaus you took us through. An absolutely wonderful and uplifting experience with a very dedicated teacher and guide.  Thank you Narelle.

~ Christine - 2022

Can’t recommend enough. Completed my Reiki course with Narelle and it was an amazing experience. What a caring, beautiful woman. 


~ Cheree Waters - 2020

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Please note that my Holistic Therapies are to support you on your healing and spiritual journey and should always be used alongside your current medical advice. Holistic Healing is a wonderful complimentary therapy that relaxes, clears and balances the Mind, Body & Spirit, therefore enabling the body to expedite the healing process more effectively.